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Sea Trust Marine Co.,Ltd established in 2014 which was issued by (S.E.C.D) The Department of Marine Administration Union of Myanmar under law of shipping act section 24, Marine Labour Convention, 2006 Regulation 1.4” Recruitment and Replacement. Company Registration-No.(3134) and Seafarer Recruitment and Replacement Services Provisional License No.SRPS/PMN/170.

Our working philosophy is based on respect for and trusts in all human beings. Sea Trust Marine offers crew management services covering Recruiting and Training. Our management team is properly trained for international and shore based experience with our best knowledge of crew management, we can be assured of safe, secure and reliable operations and strives to continue the well-known service to our clients and seafarers.

At the mean time we will develop highly qualified Myanmar Officers and Ratings with respectable international quality standard and professional skills. If you need more information, do not hesitate and freely to contact with us at any time. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for sites to build long-term relationships.

Crew Management

Sea Trust Marine recruiting experienced and qualified Officer and Rating for all types and sizes of ships in order to meet the needs of each shipping company. Our purpose is the best crew members who are supported to attitude of team work and guarantee to excellence with our seafarers are operational efficiency of the ship. Sea Trust Marine to supply crews for General Cargo Vessels, Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels, Ro Ro Vessels, Crude Oil Vessels, Product Tankers, Gas Tanker, Chemical Tankers and Passenger.

  • The selection and recruitment of seafarers in accordance with international regulations and according to client requirements;
  • Send and receive establishing open communication with feedback;
  • Providing an established and respected worldwide network of crewing Agencies;
  • Protection of the crew from the effects of dangers and monitoring their welfare ensure availability of adequate insurance coverage;
  • Ensuring the availability of qualified crews on board to respond to emergencies;
  • Keeping our customers fully informed about personnel issues affecting the performance of the vessel;
  • Offering continuous trainings for enhancing shipboard performance.
  • Company Policy

    This is the company's policy to an experienced team to safety of crew healthy; avoid injury and loss of life, safe operation of ship and environmental protection.

    This basic policy is reviewed by Safety and Environmental Management System, reinforced in full compliance with the ISO9001International Quality Assurance Standard and the ISM Code. Fully comply with MLC 2006 Manila Amendment. We are providing with a high degree of professionalism, careful follow-up performed by regular close communication with our clients. Implementation of this policy provides a high level of service for the satisfaction of our Department, in conjunction with our true care for the well-being of our crew, generates a substantial retention rate of qualified seafarers to the appreciation of our clients.


    The company pay much attention to seafarer’s training a lot on it every year, established a seafarers training center approved by Department of Marine Administration. Training computers and international latest professional training software, multi-media training system, strengthen seafarers’ English and working skills onboard. Employ full-time Experience Maser and Chief Engineer to teach seafarer’s oral English. Base on the requirement of the ship-owner, carry out different trainings. The Marlins Approved Seafarers’ Test Centre in Myanmar.


    Implementation of this objective of service to provide a high level to meet our team, we really cared about them and employee benefits, resulting in a large number of qualified seafarers for our clients experience connection. In order to ensure an effective and excellent operation of the ships, we recognize the importance of fitness and strength of the human hand. Proper implementation of the procedures inside the ship is best taught by focus a well-conducted and thorough training. We provide updated technical presentations and attracted the interest of seafarers for safe and risk-free experience at sea. Sea Trust Marine is not only standing for shipping company developing benefit but also standing for welfare of seafarer’s life and their family.

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